Wood type dog

Character type

The Five Elements correspond to five types of dogs, these are not breed specific, although some breeds fit more into a certain element.

While a dog’s character can fit into different elements, usually one element dominates.

Characteristics of the wood type dog

  • Guard
  • Develops easily food aggression
  • Pack leader, natural leader, ’top-dog’
  • Usually holds the tail high (also depending on the breed)

Physical and character traits

  • Boundaries (indicate and challenging)
  • Fast eaters
  • Hard workers and athletes
  • Want to be the best
  • Want to be in the lead
  • Courageous, brave
  • Confident
  • Pushy, keep pushing
  • Hard on himself
  • High pain threshold
  • Curious, inquisitive, exploring
  • Large animals, sturdy, muscular
dog, snappy, brown

Work and sports for Earth type dog



  • Bite work
  • Combisport
  • Agility
  • Flyball
  • Dog frisbee
  • Waterworks
  • Rally-O
  • Canicross
  • Dog racing
  • Guard dog
  • Police dog
  • Search & rescue
dog, agility, fitness

Dog breeds

  • Terriers
  • Shepherds
  • Dog-like, such as:
    • Dogue de Bordeaux
    • Cane Corso
    • Mastino napoletano
  • Chihuahua
Wood type dog
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