The five elements: WOOD

Wood type animals are very dynamic, active and courageous animals. The Liver that belongs to the Wood Element is the ‘General’ and it must move.

They are hard workers and athletes and they want to be the best. They are curious, inquisitive, exploring and keep themselves busy when they have nothing to do, into old age.

They have focus, they know what they want and because they want to get their way they come across as ‘pushy’. They are brave and confident.

Food is important to them and they therefore easily develop feeding aversion.

The emotion that you often see with them is frustration and anger, for example when they are limited in their freedom of movement or when there is a lot of wind.

Prolonged frustration can cause them to shut down (introvert), then they make the character leap to the Metal. They are natural leaders and have difficulty with authority. Their high pain tolerance causes that they must be protected from themselves, especially when they are young and in old age.

Wood type horses

The tireless, hard workers; these horses have an enormous amount of energy.

Wood horses like to take the lead themselves. Their impulsive behavior makes them very sensitive to injuries. Do not over-ask these horses, as they will not indicate that it is enough!

Wood type dogs

They are watchful animals that are very protective of their pack.

They need a strong and balanced leader who will protect this dog from itself.

Wood type cats

Wood type cats must be able to go outside.

They are always busy and on the move, on the go until old age. They sometimes get involved in fights with other cats to defend their territory.

Wood type rabbits

When these rabbits do not get enough exercise, they develop envy or feed envy.

You often see chasing the other around dinnertime.

They need space to move, but also to dig and gnaw.

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