The five elements: METAL

Metal type animals are calm, good listening, introverted and controlled animals. Order, peace and structure are important to them, so is justice. The Lungs are the ‘Ministers of Justice’.

They are active animals with good stamina, but they are calmer and quieter than Wood type animals. They are disciplined, structured, methodical and efficient and are very easy to train.

They would like to be recognized for the work they are doing, although they are not asking for it.

They are relatively flat in their emotions, which makes them stable animals for their environment. Emotions are not expressed external, but follow the movement of the Metal: inwards.

When they become unbalanced, they don’t make a character jump to another element, but they become even more Metal: they become stoic and stubborn. You have to keep in physical contact with them, they tend to withdraw from it.

They cannot tolerate dryness well and will develop symptoms of dryness/dehydration in their body.

Metal type horses

The uncomplicated, calm follower
Emotion:straightforward & sadness
Weak Organs: lungs and colon

You can recognize metal horses by their uninterested attitude. They have absolutely no extremes. They do what you ask very well, but treat them fair and sincerely.

The slogan for a Metal Horse is: “just act normal, that’s crazy enough”. They prefer to avoid chaotic situations or great tensions. They love to work and can learn quickly when the subject matter is not too difficult or when too much is offered at the same time.

It is important to keep in touch with this type, otherwise they will close off even more from their environment.

Metal type dogs

They are calm, quiet, no-nonsense hard workers and independent workers.

They are easy to train and these dogs can correct other dogs in their behavior.

They easily ignore people and other animals.

Metal type cats

They are calm, introvert, solitary cats that go their own way.

Confident and not easily impressed, but not a ‘quarrel’. They like to see which way the wind blows

Metal type rabbits

You don’t see a lot of metal type rabbits. The only thing that you may notice is that they do their thing undisturbed. They are good in “Acting normal”.

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