The five elements: FIRE

Fire type animals are happy, kind, busy, cheerful attention seekers, and a little nervous. They live from the heart and the Heart is the ‘emperor’ of the body.

There is a lot of excitement in their life, which can be happy excitement but also fearful excitement, then they make the character jump to the Water.

They often communicate with their voice and pull out all the tricks to make you laugh. They make it happen to be the center of attention, they are real clowns.

They like physical contact and seek it from their owner, but also from other people and other animals.

However, they are easily jealous and have a low pain threshold. They do not leave you alone and always want to see what you are doing and prefer to participate.

Food is not important to them, attention and touch often work better in training. They are Yange animals, warm and passionate, but they cannot withstand the heat from the outside.

Fire type horses

The fire horse loves contact with people. Especially when they come to admire her and give her a lot of attention. She is cheerful, intelligent and is the first to greet the owner in the morning.

Life is a big game and she doesn’t want to miss any of it. She can barely walk a few steps without looking back to see what her friends are doing.

Fire type dogs

They are happy animals that wag a lot and can make a lot of noise. When they are happy they can squeak and when they are restless they can squeak.

They are late potty trained and have a hard time being home alone.

Fire type cats

These are happy and very affectionate cats who use their voice a lot.

They can suddenly become nasty when playing.

Fire type rabbits

Fire type rabbits are quite divas and ‘stress chickens’.

When stressed, they easily stop eating.

They are easily frightened but love attention and touch and would love to see what you are doing.

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