The five elements: EARTH

Earth type animals are sweet, easy-going, friendly and (gentle) kind animals.

They are very trusting, they love everyone and everything. They love food very much and they are very creative when it comes to food.

They are often a bit round in shape, they easily becoming overweight and they cannot withstand moisture or damp. They like to socialize with people or animals, it doesn’t matter.

They want to please and do their best for others, that is their motivation to work. Then they can work very hard, although they would rather be lazy than tired.

They should be active and keep moving, especially in old age, but not too much at the same time. They start a bit slowly, like a diesel.

The Spleen and Stomach are the organs associated with this element, the ‘Ministers of the Granaries’. This makes them prone to digestive problems and it’s best to keep them slim.

When they are out of balance they make the character jump to the element Wood .

Earth type horses

The friendly, reliable, ‘All you can eat’-type.
Emotion: gentle & worry
Weak Organs: stomach, spleen and pancreas

Bombproof, that’s the best way to characterize the Earth horses

They can wait patiently while children are brushing them extensively . Earth horses like to have a well-filled belly, food is their biggest hobby.

Physically these horses show a strong body with full muscles. They are not fast, but they are persistent with a very tolerant nature and real all-rounders.

The perfect horses for novice riders, recreational riders or the rider looking for an all-rounder. Earth horses that are well balanced can concentrate well.

Earth type dogs

The attitude of these gentle and kind animals is submissive and cute.

They show from afar that they do not intend to harm.

They tend to lick a lot, including submissive licking.

Earth type cats

These are sweet, friendly, probably a bit round cats that love food and prefer to lounge around all day.

A real ‘couch potato’.

Earth type rabbits

These sweet and easy-going rabbits love sweets and the carbohydrates from mixed food.

Be very careful that they do not eat selectively.

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