To ensure that there is no disturbance in the horse’s balance, Wu Xing has developed various herbal blends. The herbal blends are based on the traditional natural way of life of the horse, because they consist of 100% natural grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.

The different herbal blends form a unique combination that can be used per horse. .By looking at the individual horse (by answering the 50-character questionnaire), a specific feeding advice can be given. The horse will get what he needs. The feeding method can contribute to the horse’s inner satisfaction, allowing it to function better and live in more harmony with its environment.


For the health of your horse it’s very important that his / her body is in balance. Taking good care of your horse is necessary to achieve this balance. Respect comes first. You want the best for your horse and you consciously make that choice.

Three factors will influence your horse’s balance:
1. The habitat in which your horse lives.
2. The nutrition you give your horse.
3. The relationship you have with your horse.

It is very important for horses that they get a lot of space, fresh air and exercise. Originally, horses are wild animals that lived in herds on the steppes. The fact that horses lived in herds also indicates that it is essential for them to have social contacts with their peers.

It is important to feed your horse as naturally as possible. That means using only pure and pure raw materials. The food should be low in protein, easy to digest and high in fiber. Not only the work that your horse performs is a guideline for the choice of food. Every horse is different, has its own character and needs. For each individual character it can be indicated which food is most suitable. To help you with this, Wu Xing has developed a special nutritional advice method. What character does your horse have?

It is very important to consider how you treat your horse and how the animal reacts to you. You can improve the relationship, if you better understand why your horse reacts in a certain way, A good relationship promotes the performance of your horse and his happiness in life. Knowledge is required. It is important to have insight into how our horse experiences the world in relation to ourselves. We should also learn to understand and speak horse language. When we approach our horses with this knowledge in mind, a lot changes already. Prey animals like horses flee when they are afraid. So avoid situations that can cause fear. Stress affects the immune system. Give clear guidance to your horse, so he / she will feel more secure and better.

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