Philosophy: the Wu Xing theory

To contribute to a healthy way of life, Wu Xing has developed herbal blends based on a holistic view. Many forms of medicine are in used all over the world. There are three important methods that are mainly used:

1. The emotional-spiritual healing method (Ayurveda, Tibetan, Shamanism, etc.)
In the emotional-spiritual healing art, that we know from the herbal remedies of peoples such as the Indians or African tribes, the knowledge about healing with herbs and plants has been collected.

2. The energy based method (Chinese acupuncture, etc.)
The traditional Chinese medicine, where “prevention is better than cure” is the starting point.

This medicine, which has existed for more than 5000 years, is based on a great connection with nature and the fundamental energy that exist alongside and with each other. Energy flows, the so-called meridians, are used. Energy blockages are localized and treated.

Based on 5 basic elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), Chinese medicine has established an optimal nutrition and care of body and mind. People are aware that the body can also become ill from mental imbalance. When the balance is disturbed, first the the diet will be adjusted to give the body the opportunity to recover itself.

3. Internal physical medicine (Western somatic)
In Western countries, treatment of the physical layer (Western somatic medicine) has become the guiding principle, in which we look at the body very rationally. This symptomatic approach, in which disease is controlled with drugs, excludes the power of recovery of the body itself. Fever is treated with fever-lowering drugs without looking at the cause of the fever.

The Wu Xing herbal blends combines these three methods in a holistic view.

The word Holistic comes from the English word “whole”. In the holistic approach all aspects are analyzed simultaneously in order to get the correct advice. The body, energy flow and emotions play a role in this. Disruption of these aspects can lead to illness. Poor health starts with an imbalance between these three aspects.

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