Wu Xing online questionnaire

Discover the true character of your horse

This questionnaire has been drawn up to determine the character profile of your horse. There are 50 questions that may apply to your horse. If the question clearly applies to your horse, click on ‘YES’. If the question does not apply to your horse, click on ‘NO’. Some questions contain multiple elements. These questions may be answered with YES if all elements of the question apply.

Have someone else who knows your horse well complete this form and compare the answers. If there are differences, try to agree. When the questions have been answered, the character profile of your horse is automatically determined in the character diagram.

What should you pay attention to when determining the character?
The true character of your horse can hardly ever be determined at a glance. Some experience with your horse is required. After all, your horse can react differently in different situations. Consider, for example, the difference in behavior during an outside ride or in a riding arena. The behavior must therefore be assessed in different situations.

These situations are:
1. In the stable.
2. During work (especially in the great outdoors).
3. Between conspecifics (in the meadow).

The observations consist of:
1. First glance / impression / introduction.
2. How does your horse react to the outside world.
3. How does your horse react to humans.
4. Appearance of your horse.
5. Type of horse.
6. How does your horse treat itself.
7. How does your horse deal with other dogs.

The impressions you gain while studying the behavior should be taken into account in deciding whether the question asked really applies to your horse. Completing the questions therefore requires that you know your horse well and that you have experienced him in the different situations.

Tips for answering the questions

1. The wish is the father of the thought. So don’t let the ideal image influence your choice!
2. When in doubt whether a question really applies to your horse: ask someone else who also knows your horse well.

Good luck!

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