Metal type rabbit

Features metal type rabbit

  • Quiet, easy
  • Confident
  • No nonsense
  • Just do it, introvert
  • Introvert
  • Loner
  • Can be difficult to pair
  • Pair with an Earth or Metal type, or quiet Fire type

Physical and character traits

  • Rest, calm, good
  • Introvert
  • Order, methodology, control
  • Disciplined, structured, efficient
  • No-nonsense hard workers
  • Get recognition for work
  • ‘Quietly confident’
  • ‘Just do it’
  • Fairly muscular build
  • Some sharp corners or edges
  • Withdrawn, stoic, stubborn, Metal shield
hare, dwarf rabbit, sweet-5345225

Rabbit breeds

Also for rabbits, there are not very clear breeds where the Metal element is clearly overrepresented. All rabbits are ‘Yinne’ animals anyway and in all domestic rabbits the Metal element is strongly represented; in wild rabbits, on the other hand, more the Water element.

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