WU XING 5-element herbal blend

On this website you can read about the philosophy of the five elements and you can see which spice mixture is suitable for your animal. For horses, an online questionnaire is available and the schedule how to use the Wu Xing herbal blends.

What are the WU XING herbal blends?

In recent years more and more attention has been paid to keeping animals in a more “natural” way. In addition to a different way of training, housing and handling your animal, nutrition is certainly an important part of this.

The Wu Xing herbs, developed by holistic veterinarian Eric Laarakker, are based on the idea that every animal is an individual with its own specific character and needs. In his book “ Horse types ”All types are discussed in detail and you will also find a self-test to discover which type your horse is. The questionnaire is also online available through this site.

The Wu Xing herbs are composed according to the five element theory (Wu Xing), as has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

This is based on five different types; Wood , Fire ,Earth , Metal and Water .

All characterized by different character traits. By reading the different type descriptions you can see under which element your animal falls.

Wu Xing herbal mixtures can be used as maintenance to keep your animal in balance, but you can also support your animal with these herbs in case of physical problems.

It may be wise to use the herbs for the physical problems first and then, or at the same time, give the herbs to support the character type.

The herbs can also be used as seasonal herbs, so that the associated weak organs are supported in that season.

The Wu Xing herbal mixtures are packed in 5 liter buckets, which is sufficient for approximately 3 months with 1 horse. The herbs are used as an addition to the feed. Als available in a smaller package for dogs & cats and in a herbal blend for tea.

You can order the Wu Xing products online via the Online store of the holistic practice for animals Den Hoek

Discover the true character of your horse with the online questionnaire

Downloadquestionnaire horse types (PDF)

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